Premium delivery to Supermarkets

Together with our growers we wish to let every human being in the world experience our local quality. With our own packing stations we can easily pack any format and desire of each supermarket.

Whether it is a standard produce or an innovative produce, we get our hand on every perishable available.

Innovative implementation for the premium supermarket

You have supermarkets in every shape, size, color or brand representation.
We answer the supermarket's demand by providing brands or white-labelled produce.




Specialised in export

We are able to export all kind of perishables due to our vast network of growers and suppliers. Wheter you need an off/in season produce, we have our hands on +2.500 articles of perishables.

Although we advise to take multiple pallets to drop the cost of freight, we have a vast number of supermarkets worldwide requesting mix pallets with different goods. 

different articles
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"We are happy to get a constant supply of fresh produce from DBS AGRO, they never fail to supply that which we ask for"