Premium partnership towards distributors

We firmly believe a local distributor is the core connection towards the local society. They know their country better than anyone, we therefor invest in creating partnerships and understanding with local distributors who strongly believe in premium quality.

We work together towards a high grade of availability, flexibility and a wide variety of produce.

A high grade of trust between our distributors

When we create a partnership with a local distributor who is as passionate,
we go all-in and create a trustworthy environment. 




Specialised in export

We are able to export all kind of perishables due to our vast network of growers and suppliers. Wheter you need an off/in season produce, we have our hands on +2.500 articles of perishables.

Although we advise to take multiple pallets to drop the cost of freight, we have a vast number of distributors worldwide requesting mix pallets with different goods. 

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different articles