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Mechelsesteenweg 120
V7, Kaai 540
B-2860 Sint-Katelijne-Waver

T +32 15 56 95 58
F +32 15 55 04 58


Introduction to the company


DBS Agro NV is located at Sint-Katelijne-Waver, Belgium. The company is centrally located at a crossroads of air, sea and land transportation networks. It is close to Brussels and Antwerp, and within a reasonable distance from Amsterdam.

This location in the heart of the Belgian vegetable-growing region has the additional advantage that we are very close to the growers and auctions, so deliveries can be made quickly and under the best circumstances.

Our 2.000 m2 storage facility contains various refrigeration units, each with its own specific temperature settings, depending on the product that is being stored, to guarantee the highest product quality.


DBS Agro offers fresh strawberries and the complete range of soft fruit in the most diverse packaging, either with or without personalised labelling.
In addition we also supply a number of typical Belgian specialties such as chicory, leeks, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower and carrots.

We have good contacts with producers and suppliers in all of Europe, including Holland, Spain, Italy and France. But products from other parts of the world are also among the possibilities such as beans from Ethiopia, limes from Brazil and Mexico, mushrooms from Korea or mangos from Peru.


For us, quality is a constant concept. We pay careful attention to logistics: ideal storage and perfect service are a must! Flexibility and continuity are also important values. We strive for accurate and smooth processing and invoicing, and we provide extensive documentation.

DBS Agro has all the necessary quality certificates and we work only with partners who themselves also meet all official quality standards, so we can provide our customers with maximum food safety. 


In brief, DBS Agro is your ideal partner for supplying fresh, quality products in the vegetable and fruit sector!


Victor Bernad

Business Manager, DBS AGRO NV